Apply & cultivating bird's nest

YN_yen-dao-5Our value is based on our simple business philosophy: “We put a high value on every product we sell transfer it into the most nourishing value for the community’s health” In addition to our wild nests, Yen Ngoc Co., Ltd builds and maintains nest houses in the last four years in parallel

Consulting and investing in nest house

nha-chim-dong-nai-630x180From one bird is nest house at the start, Yen Ngoc Co,. Ltd has developed a nesting house system with 12 places in Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Tien Giang, Khanh Hoa and other coastal provinces. We are focusing on a multiplicity of core nesting houses and developing our system into the

Origin of swallow

chimyen-2The Edible bird nests are among the most expensive animal products in the world they are classified as whose name is beautified and classified in one of 8 rare dishes in the ancient royal cuisine of Viet Nam. Because of its rarity and high nutritional values. A banquet with bird’s nest is

Menu of bird's nest

Sup-yen-630x180Bird's nest can be used as ingredient for many dishes: Appetizer and main dishes: . Bird's nest, crab, eggsoup. Bird's nest and crab-roe soup. . Bird's nest and Shrimp's egg soup. . Chicken stews with bird's nest. . Pigeon stews with bird's nest Dessert: . Bird's nest stews with

Product certification

YN_yen-sao-1Yen Ngoc 's bird's nest products have been recognized by authorities in USA and Europe   Yen Ngoc Bird Nest