Origin of swallows

The Edible bird nests are among the most expensive animal products in the world they are classified as whose name is beautified and classified in one of 8 rare dishes in the ancient royal cuisine of Viet Nam. Because of its rarity and high nutritional values. A banquet with bird’s nest is granted the title of “feast” and perceived as a special meal for the royalty only.


Along the history, Bird’s nests retain their position in the 8 rare dishes in the ancient cuisine list because of their image of luxury. Beyond a great delicacy, it is the quintessential of the gentle but strong species – swallows - who weather hardship on islands, resulting in this valuable kind of food.

Bird nests are the nests of swallows whose scientific name is Collocalia Fuciphaga - a species with black fur, slender body and short but wide bill, 12-20 grams in weight. They have the propensity to flock in such places as nesting houses in the cliffs/ deep caves or under the roofs of coves along the seashore of Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, and Viet Nam.

Taking  the shape of a shallow cup stuck to the cave cliff (or wooden bar in a nesting house) the bird’s nest is built from interwoven strands of salivary lamina cement. Absorbing small - air insects and pure mist, swallows give us their bird nest whose value is described as that of precious jewels. Taking advantage of this, imperial mandarins and bird nest harvesting experts created this unique delicacy that meets the refined taster of gourmets everywhere.

Harvested bird nest are white and black but the white nests, pink and “red blood” nests have higher nutritional value than the others. Surveys show that bird's nest soup is highly nutritious, containing up to 18 minerals and high nutrients/supplements such as Aspartic acid, Serine, Tyrosine, Phenylalanine, Valine, Arginine, Leucine, which are vital minerals to the human body and traditionally believed to provide health benefits, such as improving focus, aiding digestion, purifying lungs and respiratory organs, enhancing longevity and rejuvenating bodies and spirits

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If swallows are used to pay tribute to the royalty of the past, they are supposed to be gifts for those who know how to enjoy their lives- stylish ones. Enjoying bird’s nest with its exotic food unique and nourishing taste, you will take pride in your own experience of this. To serve a complete bird’s nest is usually considered a most suitable thing to do at banquets and formal dinners, demonstrating the host's wealth and generosity.